Tree Removal

Jason Pilla Tree Service removes both small and large trees and shrubs in a safe and organized manner. It is important that you the customer take the time to check on your trees to see if any are in decline or dead. Trees that are in decline can sometimes be saved if noticed in time. Trees that are already dead become much more dangerous as times goes on, therefore more costly. The price for tree removal includes the wood cut 18-21in. (removed if agreed upon) and complete cleanup.More

Tree Pruning

Jason Pilla Tree Service offers several different types of pruning to suit your needs. CLASS I (fine pruning) Class I pruning is the highest quality of work. This type of pruning includes pruning for aesthetic considerations as well as for structural integrity and tree health. Removal of dead branches from 1/2 inch diameter and greater would be removed. HAZARD PRUNING Hazard Pruning is the removal of large dead branches, decayed and weak branches 2 inches in diameter and greater. This type of pruning is to reduce hazards in high impact areas. COSMETIC PRUNING The specific request to remove a certain limb, raise branch levels, clear wires, shape or thin a tree.More

Stump Grinding

After the removal of a tree the stump can be ground below the surface using our grinding machine. Stumps not ground can be an eyesore as well as a mowing hazard. We grind stumps 6-12 in. below grade. Debris is neatly raked into a pile where the stump had been. For an extra charge, the debris can be removed and soil and seed provided. Our stump grinder is light enough for lawns and narrow enough to fit through most gates. More

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